Welcome to the Pawms Pet Resort


Welcome to the Pawms Pet Resort Vestavia location!! We offer multiple services including boarding, training, grooming, and daycare. Our goal is to meet your expectations as a pet owner and to make your pet feel “at home” as much as possible. Please stop by and check out our facility. The Pawms would be thrilled to have you and your pet as our guest.
Here at The Pawms, each pet is treated as a member of the family. We provide excellent care and customer service, and can tailor any stay at The Pawms to fit each unique animal. We hope you will be pleased with your experience here at The Pawms where your pet is part of our family



DIGITAL KENNEL TOUR (Vestavia Hills Location)

If you would like a digital kennel tour of our facility, then feel free to click play!

If you would like to see the facility for yourself, then come and check us out!

(We recommend that you come in the afternoon between Monday and Thursday)!

Thank you!