Dog and Cat Boarding

 Here at The Pawms we offer something that  many other kennels do not have: spacious runs for your dogs. Our dog  runs are 4 ft. X 12 ft. so that your pets can have room to play and  exercise. At this size, the runs are large enough to accommodate 2 or 3  dogs so that family pets may stay together. We also have a separate  facility with spacious cages for your cats! All of our facilities are  indoors and climate controlled. You are more than welcome to bring a  bed, toy, treats, or food with your pets so that they may feel more at  home. We encourage clients to take a tour of our facilities to ease the  tension many feel when leaving their animals in the care of others. In  addition to the freedoms offered by our spacious runs, We also offer  doggie day care to dogs who overnight board with us for an additional  cost per night ($5.50 per dog). 


Boarding Price List

Individual Cat playtime while Boarding!

(Only available at our Vestavia Hills, and Birmingham location)


5.50 per day